Most patient’s may require specialized equipment to assist in their recovery.  In addition to our Orthotic and Prosthetic services, we also provide certain ancilllary items to help in your healing process.

Please be aware that some of these items may or may not be covered by your insurance provider.  We will be happy to submit the claim to your insurance provider and in the case of a non-covered item, we will bill you directly.

Below are some examples of the ancillary items that we carry.  Please be aware that a prescription from your physicain may be necessary to dispense an item to you.

Ambulatory Assist Devices

  • Crutches – pediatric, adult, bariatric
  • Canes – standard, offset handles and quads
  • Walkers – with/without wheels
  • Weil Knee Walkers – an alternative to crutches for below the knee injuries

Compression Stocking & Garments
Compression garments are gradient stockings for your arms or legs that help control disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, lymphedema, post phlebitis syndrome and prevention of blood clots.

We carry a variety of compression garment sizes and styles for both your arms and legs. Because they are available in different levels of compression (mmHg) and styles (knee-high, thigh-high, pantyhose and arm or elbow length) your physician should advise which type is best for you.

It is also necessary that you have a written prescription from your physician in order for these products to be measured and dispensed.

Compression Garment Donner and Doffers
Compression garment donners & doffers will assist you in taking your compression garments on or off.

Cold Therapy Ice Unit
Cold Therapy machines help to reduce pain and swelling after injury or surgery and play an important role in your over all recovery.  Although, they are not covered by most insurance carriers, they play an important role in your rehabilitation. Please visit www.ossur.com for one of the many cold therapy brands that we carry.

GameReady® Cold Therapy Treatment System
GameReady is a cold therapy system that combines adjustable cold therapy with intermittent compression therapy all in one system. Although this unit is not covered by most insurance carriers, we offer rental services for your convenience.  Please visit GameReady at www.gameready.com for more information about this device.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machines
A CPM machine is a post operative treatment method that is designed to aid in recovery after joint surgery.  This moterized device will gradually move your joint without the muscle being used.  It will decrease stiffness and scar tissue and increase your range of motion.