Prosthetic patients today are faced with a myriad of choices as they start to regain their independence. From foot choice, componentry, and suspension design, it is critically important that the relationship between the patient and the practitioner be one of mutual understanding and trust for realistic goals. At Body in Motion Sports & Orthopaedics, Inc. you will find just that. Our team of compassionate and fully accredited Prosthetists will dedicate themselves to you during this challenging period in your life and promise to deliver the highest standards of care every step of the way.

Smart devices, utilizing computerized technology, now offer amputees the ability to achieve goals and allow physical activities that were unthinkable five years ago. However, not all patients are candidates for computerized technology. Your Prosthetist will discuss your lifestyle and activity levels and create a prosthetic device to fit your individual needs. The mark of a great Prosthetist is the ability to pair the right componentry with the correct activity level.

Our Prosthetists continually advance their craft and knowledge by expanding their ability to offer all new componentry that becomes available. By attending continuing education seminars several times per year assures that you will have the most current and up to date Prosthesis available.

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